Sunday, February 24, 2008

Catching Up

Happy New Year! No... Happy Ground Hog Day... No... Happy Valentine's Day! Missed that, too... Hey, How about President's Day?

Well, my birthday is this week. How about we get a clean, fresh start on 2008 with that? You would not believe what all has happened... and not happened since I last wrote about my marathon in December.

Most of the activity has been around our move to Atlanta and the new jobs. But I also had a chance to travel back to Texas and speak to the wonderful women at Northside. That was definitely a high point of the last couple of months.

Rather than bore you with a litany of woes or wows, I'll just tell you that never have I been more convinced that God wants us to surrender to Him. He will make our lives miserable if that's what it takes to depend on Him. He will also give us opportunities to talk about Him and his love, if we seek them.

God bless you!