Saturday, November 24, 2007

I Need You

The father walked with his three children into the park ahead of me. As I jogged around the trail, I heard a little voice cry out, "Daddy! Come here! I need you!" I turned and saw a fourth little one, this boy no more than three years old. He was trying to climb a pole on the playground equipment and wasn't getting off the ground.

The father was 50 feet away. What he said next was brilliant: "I need YOU! Come on." The dad kept walking, and the little boy ran to catch up. Now you and I know the father only needed the child to be moving in the same direction, so the family could reach its destination together.

Isn't that like our situation? We cry out to our heavenly father: "Come here! I need you!" We want God to come and push us up the pole or rescue us from the high slide. We are in a dilemma of our own making, but He's got other plans for our lives, a better path, and He needs us to catch up to Him.

I don't have any illusions that God needs me, but I hope He will use me. The good news is we will always reach our destination when we turn around and follow Him.

Monday, November 12, 2007

A House For Sale

It's official... our house is on the market, and we're moving to Atlanta for two great jobs. We serve a God of miracles!

This is the fourth house I've sold as an adult, and the process for getting a house ready to sell is as bad as the "go and show" stage you have to be in once the house has a sign in front.

Getting ready to sell: fix everything so that the house looks so great, you won't want to leave

Staying ready to sell: make the house look as though you don't live there

You may have heard there's been a run on St. Joseph statues because supposedly, houses will sell more quickly if you have even a little plastic Joe on your property. My realtor's religious history involves Catholicism, and she gave us a little statue in the last house, and another one this time. God doesn't talk to me in a booming voice, but I had the distinct impression He did not want me to give Joseph the credit if we sold our house quickly.

So, I look forward to telling you how God provided a buyer! The house has been on the market three days... and we serve a God of miracles!