Saturday, September 26, 2009

Update From the Ark

Thanks to so many of you for calling, emailing and facebooking your concern about our safety and well-being after the flooding in north Georgia. I was touched to hear from friends that I love, but don't hear from so often.

We got as much rain in five days as some of you get in a year!

And some parts of the region were hit much worse than others. For instance, my co-worker, Larry, is still on a boil-water alert. Some districts are unable to reopen schools, and then there are those who actually lost loved ones.

So we feel blessed to only have a little bit of flooding. And that may have been a structural issue with our home that we have already been able to repair. We won't know for sure until another hard rain... and let's pray that it's awhile before that happens again!

Our house smells awful because of the wet carpets and who knows what else... and it reminds me of the way our sins must offend God. I am thankful His grace wipes away the odor and makes us presentable to Him.

Well, I better get back to cleaning... may your day be bright and filled with sunshine!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Difficult People

Phewee, have I had my share of difficult people to deal with the last couple of weeks. As tactful but honest, compromising but principled as I tried to be, I still didn't persuade, and in one case, even got cursed at!

I thought about throwing up a prayer, "Dear Lord, if you would take these difficult personalities out of my life, I could do so much more for your kingdom." But then I remembered Jesus had his share of difficult people to deal with. And he had much more tact and many more persuasive skills than I. But he still got yelled at, beaten up, cursed at and even murdered.

It's my suspicion that we will all have difficult people in our lives until we die. Let's just hope we all become easier to get along with when we reach heaven.