Saturday, October 31, 2009

Chase Me!

Our puppy loves to play chase. She even sort of gets, "Tag! You're it!" When I tell her that and run the opposite direction, she catches me and nose bumps me. It seems I always tire out before she does.

We have a special child in our lives--Ben--the son of our dear friends Brooke and Laura. When Ben was about two, we had the treat of living in the same town. We would go over to their house, and for hours, Ben wanted us to chase him around the den, living room and kitchen in a big circle. "Chase me, Unca Mark, chase me!" he would squeal. It seems Mark and I would always tire out before Ben did.

I'm not sure why some of us like being chased, but maybe it's because we become the center of attention, the focus of the chaser.

The good news is that Jesus is chasing you! You are the center of His attention. He wants to catch you and shower you with blessings and love. In this case, the chaser will never tire out before the chasee. But don't run from Him; run to Him. It will be the best game of your life.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Prayer for the Overwhelmed

Dear God:

I come to you overwhelmed with obligations.

Take my time today and bless it so that it stretches and seems longer than 24 hours. Please give me the energy to do all the things I think I need to do. And give me the courage to let go of those action items that I don't really need to accomplish.

Forgive me for overcommitting once again. Help me to get my priorities straight and put you at the the top of the to-do list. On a day you have given us to rest, help me to see that recharging is more important than doing.

Lord, help me to get as much satisfaction in being with you as I do in checking off something on the list. Help me to live by your Word more than my list.

Thank you for giving me one more day to live for you.

In Jesus' name, amen.