Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Change of Scenery

Over the weekend, I snuck away for a weekend with girlfriends. Just to give you an idea of how beautiful God's creation is, we had a picnic at the place where the film The Last of the Mohicans was shot. I had no idea how just getting away from the city and spending time with friends I hadn't seen in awhile would relax AND invigorate me. I feel so rested and rejuvenated.

So I want to encourage you to take a mini-vacation. In these days of high tension and uncertainty, you may not feel like you can afford to drive a few hours away. But you can go to a state park or take a walk and appreciate the cooler temperatures. Sleep in if you can or take a nap--anything to change up your routine and recharge your batteries.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Missing the Lone Star State

No matter how far we may wander, Texas lingers with us,
coloring our perceptions of the world.
-- Elmer Kelton

Georgia really is much prettier. Texas must be a State of mind.

Today I saw a big doe at Stone Mountain. I wouldn't see that on the Fort Worth levees!
Later, I fell. My shoulder is bloody and bruised. I never fell running on the levees--maybe it's these hills that are doing me in.

What's doing you in? Is it your state of mind or the hills you climb as you fight life's battles?

Bactine, chocolate, prayer and knowing I'll be back home next month for a visit to The State Fair have me feeling better.