Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Spiritual Weight Room

Our preacher encouraged us Sunday to get in the spiritual weight room if we wanted spiritual growth. He said people had to see us sweat to see Jesus. Hmmm, I'm pretty sure he was being figurative because when people see me sweat on the running trail, I don't think it makes them think of Jesus.

My husband was listening closely. A few minutes after the sermon, we took our friend to check out of her hotel room. While I was helping her finish packing and carry her baggage back up to the lobby, Mark met a homeless couple in the parking lot. When we saw him at the front desk, he was paying for two nights so that Stephen and his wife could rest, shower and regroup.

I thought for just a moment about how we have two mortgages and lots of repairs to do. But my husband was sweating. The smile on Stephen's face showed that he saw Jesus in Mark. So, we may put off a few repairs for another month or two. We are blessed to have jobs and a God who puts the weights right before us. We don't even have to join a gym.