Saturday, August 22, 2009

Squirrels, Birds, Planes and Jesus

One of our dogs goes crazy when she sees a squirrel. The puppy doesn't even notice squirrels. Birds catch her attention. People are like that, too. My husband thinks baseball and planes are fascinating. I'd rather be in a sailboat or scuba diving. We all have some interest that makes our heart beat a little faster, our mind work overtime.

And some marry their passions to their ministry. For instance, a running group started here in Georgia is adding chapters all over--it's called Christian Runners. It would be great if we could start a faith club for every hobby. Just imagine, we could reach people who love to do what we do who would never hear the gospel message any other way. My husband could write "Sermons on the Mound" for baseball fans who might be seekers. I could join "Sailors for Jesus." Knitters, swimmers, skateboarders, ice skaters, tennis players... you name it, we could reach out to people and have fun at the same time.

I am going to see if there's already an organization of "Under Water Witnesses." Just as soon as I go get the dog away from the squirrel.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Encouragement from Music

We had a lovely singer-songwriter on our talk show today. Her name is Angela Kaset. She performed several of the songs on her new CD, while playing the keyboard. Such talent. I've been humming her tunes all day. Her album is eclectic... several songs are faith-based, some are romantic and others reflect what is going on in our world. Check out!

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Today, two precious listeners to our morning talk show gave me special gifts. Lewis, in the studio from Pennsylvania, brought a handmade quilt from Amish country. It is beautiful. He also brought a neat shell from his dive in North Carolina. And when I got home, there was a package from Duane with fresh ground coffee and homemade jellies and preserves.

While I love to get surprises, I was so humbled that they would take the time to pick out such nice things and take the trouble to get them to me. I felt so undeserving. It's not my birthday, anniversary or Christmas! And I didn't get them anything!

These unexpected gifts remind me of God's grace. We do nothing to deserve his mercy, but he surprises us with blessing after blessing even when there is no special occasion. We cannot earn his mercy, but like Duane and Lewis, God is generous.