Sunday, November 30, 2008

Prentice Meador

I didn't intend to write about Prentice Meador today... I had a whole different essay I wanted to share with you about our new church. But our new preacher has the same fiery intensity and great delivery that Prentice has... had.

Prentice died Tuesday after a quick, but toxic infection took over his body. Prentice was an incredible communicator, a great preacher and terrific writer. I attended his church in Dallas for about six years, and see that as a time that my faith grew incredibly... due to his teaching.

You may know Prentice from his appearances on "American Religious Town Hall."

Dr. Meador leaves behind a wonderful legacy of children, grandchildren, books and sermons online. I hope that all those of us inspired by his love of the Lord, his admonitions to speak well of the church and to follow Jesus will leave a legacy, too.

Prentice was a runner. But he had his priorities. After I ran my first marathon, he congratulated me, and said sadly, "I'll probably never be able to run one, since they are held on Sundays."

One time, while I was working for the Automotive Satellite Television Network, I had a cool Dodge sports coupe to drive for a week. One Wednesday night after church, Prentice and I were walking out of the building at the same time. I dangled the keys, "Would you like to take a spin around the block?" He grinned and had that standard shift dancing in seconds. Then he said, "I could never have a car like this. Some people would complain that I was making too much money!"

It cannot be easy to be a preacher.

But I know where he is now... and I'd like to think God called Prentice so quickly because there was a little red sports car parked on a cloud that just couldn't wait for a new owner.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Getting in the Christmas Spirit

Some folks really get on their soapbox about the appropriate time to decorate for Christmas or the date to send greetings. I think this is humorous since we can celebrate Jesus' birth all year long!

Admittedly, I'm a sucker for Christmas hymns, carols, songs. We interviewed a gospel recording artist on our morning talk show this week. His name is Travis Cottrell, and his new Christmas CD is Ring the Bells. Sometimes when there are extra give-aways, we hosts get to keep a copy for ourselves, and I'm so thankful that I got to keep this CD. It's great! I normally try to wait until after Thanksgiving to play Christmas CD's around the house, but I've been listening to Ring the Bells all day, and it has kept a smile on a my face. My favorites are the title song and his rendition of "O Holy Night." It's heart-soaring.

So if the economy has you worried, put on a Christmas CD. And think about that little baby in a manger. He came to Earth so you wouldn't have to panic about anything... at any time.