Monday, March 21, 2011

Running the Marathon

Last month, I asked you to help me celebrate my birthday by figuratively running the Cowtown marathon with me. It was a humid day, a hilly course, and I was coming down with a stomach bug! But I finished, and thanks to all of you, raised about $900 for YouthHaven.

Why Preachers Shouldn't Talk Too Long

When I was a kid, we belonged to a non-demoninational Christian tradition. My dad was thrilled when the preacher didn’t take too long with the sermon. Dad would say, “Now we can beat the Baptists to lunch.”

A few years ago, I worked at the North American Mission Board and was required to attend a Southern Baptist Church. In the hallways, I would hear folks say, “I hope the pastor doesn’t go too long today. We want to beat the Methodists to lunch.”

The Methodists have always been so gracious to let me come to speak to their Sunday school classes… and in churches where some people went to early services, I was advised, “Don’t go over your time limit. We need to beat the Presbyterians to lunch.”

That tells me we are all more alike than different. We all like to eat lunch!