Monday, January 4, 2010

Lose Your Temper?

A good friend of mine, who shall remain nameless to protect her reputation, confessed to me that she would like to control her temper better in the new year. This surprised me. In the years I've known her, she always seems calm and in control.

"Who do you lose your temper at?" I asked. (Not great grammar, but that's how it came out.)

"My husband and my kids," she admitted.

"You could get a goldfish to yell at."

"I wouldn't do that to a poor goldfish."

I started laughing at that response. Then she realized what she was saying and started giggling, too.

Goldfish don't have ears, memories, feelings or egos. And they cost a lot less than counseling.

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Brad White said...

a lady in our church provided a testimony today that was similar to this story. On the surface, she seemed calm, collected, and quite nice. However, she admitted to our congregation that she was a "rage-a-holic"...and struggled with anger.

It begs the question...what are we trying to cover up? and Why? Shouldn't we strive to be transparent, show our imperfections, confess them to God and each other and ask for help, love, and support? If we don't tell others how we need help...we are doomed to struggle through it...all alone. We must be humble, so God can transform us.